cindi kinney

my love and the magic started at the age of 6 with my first camera.

freezing time.  being in the moment.

looking through the camera i would see only what i needed to see.

it connected me to what really mattered.

the magic in the beauty of love.


my journey with the camera continued.

down the path to my friend's house in high school.

her dad had a darkroom and he was my first mentor.

the darkroom was my next  love.


then to San Francisco State University, majoring in art/photography.

to photographing my daughter and son.

my camera found it's favorite home in front of my beautiful babies.


next up on that path was children's photography promotions for Nordstrom's stores in Corte Madera and Fashion Island.

then to opening a portrait studio in Folsom, CA.

continuing to specialize in hand-painted black and white portraiture, studio and natural light.

to wedding photography for 20 years.


now that path has come back full circle, devoted to my first big love.


i photograph love.

in all forms.

but i mostly love love love babies and pregnant women.

they're my connection to all that is sweet and loving and beautiful.


this is one of my favorite images.

it reflects my style... expressions of softness, kindness and affection.


©2016 by Cindi Kinney